Vizzy Laurette
Personal Information
Gender Female
Height 150cm
Eye Color Blue Eyes
Race High Pixie
Main Job Tamer
Sub Job Magic Fist Fighter
Affiliation Rokuten
  • Monster Breeder
  • Apex of Magic
  • Contractor of Beast Followers
  • Troop Commander
  • Fighting Fairy
  • Monster Trace
  • Riding Assault
  • Summon Partner
  • Fairy Straight
  • Dancing Smash
Level 255
HP 3840
MP 7821
STR 533
VIT 315
DEX 644
AGI 511
INT 719
LUC 65
Other Information
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 6 Chapter 1
The Silver Summoner Cashmere's support character.

Guardian of the Dragon Nest.


She wears a robe. Her semi-long hair had a slight tint of pink.

Personality Edit

She talks slowly.


  • Head: Stardust Hairpin (Knockback boost)
  • Torso: Special class Tamer's battle dress (Monster affinity boost, Monster damage reduction)
  • Arms: Stardust Ring (Sustained damage reduction) 
  • Legs: Wind Spirit Boost (AGI bonus)
  • Accesory: Disorientation Earring (Long-rage attacks aim reduction, Spiritual skills ATK boost)
  • Weapons: Grand Fist of the Spirit King (Random elemental damage, MP absortion, user limitation) Cicada's Wind Whip (Monster taming probability boost, "canceal" attached to all attacks)



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