Tsuki no Hokora
Location Information
Japanese 月の祠
Leader Shin
Type Weapon and Equipment Store
Located in near Bayreuth Kingdom entrance
Controlled by Shin
Status Active
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 1
Manga Chapter 2

Tsuki no Hokora (The Moon Shrine) was Shin's home and equipment store 500 years ago.


Tsuki no Hokora used to be one of the best weapon and equipment store 500 years ago. It was popular among high level players as its items were rare and high grade.

After the Dusk of Majesty, the Tsuki no Hokora was regarded as a sacred place and was highly sought by numerous nations. Several made attempts to acquire the store, and its guardian, claiming that they possessed the rights, only earning themselves the ire of Schnee Raizar.


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