Shibaid Etraku
Personal Information
Age 521
Gender Male
Height 2 meter +
Skin Tone Black Scales
Eye Color Red
Race High Dragnil
Main Job Holy Knight
Sub Job Dragon Knight
Affiliation Rokuten
  • Master of Magic Spears and Axes
  • Apex of Spear Arts
  • Apex of Axe Arts
  • Ally of Dragonkin
  • Holder of Dragon Genes
Adventure Rank SS
  • Storm Hammer
  • Fierce Impact
  • Hell Thrust
  • Dragonclaw
  • Dragonbreath
Level 255
HP 9704
MP 4790
STR 930
VIT 892
DEX 624
AGI 578
INT 581
LUC 70
Other Information
Occupation Adventurer
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 3

Shibaid Etraku is Shin's no. 4 support character.


Shibaid was a big man with a height surpassing more than 2 and a half mels, had scales like obsidian, and had deep crimson eyes.



  • Head: Dragonshell head plate
- STR bonus [XL]
- Status effect resistance [XL]
  • Torso: Dragonshell kight armor
- VIT bonus [XL]
- auto-recovery of equipment durabillity
  • Arm: Dragonshell gauntlet
- DEX bonus [XL]
- creation of berrier(s) from a distance
  • Leg: Dragonshell greaves
- Knockback immunity
- Restrain immunity
- Debuff immunity
  • Accessories: Age of Gods Erring
  • Weapon: Placid Moon
    Great Shell Shield of Collision




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