Saegusa Karin is a samurai from Hinomoto and the retainer of Kujou Kanade.

Saegusa Karin
Personal Information
Gender Female
Race Human
Main Job Samurai
Sub Job Swordsman
  • Expert of Katana Skills
  • Expert of Physical Skills
  • Master of Magic Blades
  • Protector of Smiles
Adventure Rank C
  • Instant Flash
  • Moonlight Slashing Dance
  • Repeated Slash
  • Sheating Blade
  • Infiltrator Blade
Level 221
HP 6233
MP 3790
STR 602
VIT 248
DEX 633
AGI 511
INT 171
LUC 73
Other Information
Allies Kujou Kanade
Residence Hinomoto
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 8



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Volume 8 Edit

Karin was traveling with her mistress, Kanade while she was a an adventurer in search for a herb to cure the latter's siste of her illness. They had acquired the herb and were returning to Hinmoto by ship, where they met a fellow adventurer named Shin. The ship they were on was attacked by a monster, Kanade had dropped the herb into the sea and attempted to retrieve it, prompting Karin to follow after her.

The two found themselves on the shores of Hinomoto, and Karin was resuscitated by Shin, who was also stranded with them. Karin comforted Kanade as she lost the herb, and fell into even more despair after Shin informed the herb was a fake and that it couldn't heal her sister anyway.

However when he mentioned that the real herb to be atop Mt. Fuji, the three set off to claim the herb. There she witnessed Shin's ability while facing against a former dungeon boss.

After she returned to the Kunjo House, her parents, specifically her mother attempted to set Karin and Shin together after hearing Toudou Kankurou's praise of his abilities. However Shin figured out what they were planning and politely turned her down.