Royal Magic Library
Location Information
Type Public Library
Located in Midpoint between West District and South District in Bayreuth Kingdom
Controlled by Bayreuth Kingdom
Status Active
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 4
Manga Chapter 7

A public library in the Bayreuth Kingdom


The library building is tall and located between the West and South Districts. It is managed by kingdom. It looks like a standard library with chairs, tables, and large quantities of bookshelves. Books are free to read inside the library but there is a charge to rent them. The rental limit is 3 books for a few days and the cost depends on the books, with a fine for lost books. The restricted section is available only to those who have social status or trust. Guards with skills for crime prevention ensure the protection of the books, while the building itself has set up [Barrier VIII] and [Wall VIII]. The library, like other offices, closes at 5 pm.


  • Shin traded [Muspelm] for access to the resstricted section of the library