Rionne Strail Bayreuth
Personal Information
Age 19
Gender Female
Eye Color red
Race Human
Main Job Magic Swordswoman
Affiliation Bayreuth Royal Family
Title The Wielder of Holy Sword
Adventure Rank None
  • Full Moon Edge
  • Cross Slash
  • Spiral Edge
  • Tyrant Beat
  • Spirit Manipulation
Level 230
HP 5893
MP 1288
STR 559
VIT 332
DEX 298
AGI 477
INT 189
LUC 58
Other Information
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 2

Rionne Bayreuth is the second princess of the Bayreuth kingdom, and one of the highest level humans so far introduced in the story.



Contrary from her position as a princess, Rionne is blunt and sociable, in Shin's words; "rather than a princess, she should be called a sociable adventurer".


  • Head: Red Magic Thread of Hair Band
- MP Bonus [Small]
  • Torso: Small Dragon's Skin Armor
- VIT Bonus [Weak]
- Fire Resistant
  • Arm: Small Dragon's Armguard
- STR Bonus [Weak]
  • Feet: Small Dragon's Boots
- AGI Bonus [Small]
- Wind Resistant
  • Accesories: Red Crystal Errings
- Magic Damage Reduction [Small]
  • Weapon: Holy Sword Muspelm
- STR Bonus [Medium]
- Light Bestowal
- Self-restore Durability [Small]



Volume 2 and 4 Edit


  • She is the 2nd princess of Bayreuth Kingdom
  • Strongest warrior in the Bayreuth Kingdom
  • She is one of the Bayreuth Kingdom's four chosen ones.
  • She meets Shin for the first time in Vol 4. Ch. 2



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