A group of current translators at 'Shin Translations' has since picked up The New Gate' and has made progress with it.

These unofficial translations can be found on both Baka Tsuki and their site,

Russian unofficial translations can be found on

Please support the official release if and when it is serialized.

Volume ListEdit

No. Cover Novel Title ISBN Release Date
01 ISBN 978-4-4341-8727-8 December 2013
02 ISBN 978-4-4341-9312-5 June 2014
03 ISBN 978-4-4341-9892-2 November 2014
04 ISBN 978-4-4342-0428-9 April 2015
05 ISBN 978-4-4342-1006-8 September 2015
06 ISBN 978-4-4342-1578-0 January 2016
07 ISBN 978-4-4342-2120-0 June 2016


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