Nekomata@Rising ( Hibineko )
Personal Information
Age 85
Gender Male
Skin Tone White
Race High Beast
Main Job Magic Fist Warrior
Sub Job Beast Warrior
  • Cat Type Tribe Word
  • Ending Research Society (Former)
  • Non-Operation Expert
  • Taijutsu Expert
  • Magic Armor Holder
  • Proud Independent One
  • Beast Element Holder
Adventure Rank S
  • Autobahn Kick
  • Echo Blast
  • Lion Growl
  • High & Low
  • Retsuhoishi
Level 255
HP 7433
MP 3211
STR 658
VIT 387
DEX 472
AGI 599
INT 336
LUC 71
Other Information
  • Shadow Kurosawa
  • Holly Kurosawa
Occupation Coffee Shop "Nyan da Land" Manager
Residence Coffee Shop "Nyan da Land"
Origin Japan
Media Information
Light Novel volume 5

Hibineko is a former of player type cat. Because of the crack on his head he is called Hibineko. He owns a coffee shop called "Nyan da Land". He currently lives in Balmel.

Appearence Edit

A cat walking on two legs and wearing clothes. His face is mostly white but only the ears are black. A part of the fur on his face has gray for some reason; it look like a crack on a split tile. Deep voice. If only his voice was heard, one would imagine a refined man of middle age, but due to his short stature and cartoonish costume, he looked like a mascot character of a deformed animal in a amusement park.


He has the habit to put up "-nya" to someone.


  • Head: None
  • Torso: Cat of Wonder's Outfit (VIT bonus, AGI bonus)
  • Arm: None
  • Feet: Gentleman's Leather Shoes (Agi bonus, Bind resistance)
  • Accesories: Bartender's Glass Wipe
  • Weapon: Misty Hound (Weapon destruction resistance, Attack speed resistance, Barehanded skill damage increase, User restricted)


Hibineko was a player of THE NEW GATE and died in the Death game. Then, he revived 40 years ago in a grassy plain with his original level, stats and items. He traveled to Balmel and rebuilt his Coffee Shop "Nyan da Land"


  • Hibineko literally means crack cat

Gallery Edit

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