Loost Tradit Bayreuth
Personal Information
Japanese ルスト
Gender Male
Race Human
Other Information
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 1
Manga Chapter 2

One of the officers of the Berylricht Knights Order. Someone of enough status for his subordinates to suck up to him.

Appearance Edit

The WN tells us that he has a 'great figure' and has blond hair and blue eyes.


  • arrogant due to his high status
    • upon his first meeting with Shin, he waits for Shin's introduction first, then does not introduce himself back
    • insults Shin for not having manners due to being a wanderer
  • not overly prejudiced against those of lower status than himself
    • at least waited to hear Shin's introduction without bowling him over


  • Knights Corp armor


Volume 1 Edit

Came frequently to Tsuki no Hokora to request an audience with Schnee Raizar through Tiera Lucent. However, he had been denied several times. Meets Shin upon ones of these trips, which happened to coincide with Shin's first visit to the store after his revival/awakening.


  • Loost is one of the princes of Bayreuth.



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