Kaede Kurosawa
Personal Information
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Black Eyes
  • Elf
  • Lord
Main Job Hunter
Sub Job Seamstress
  • Non-Operation Assistant Instructor
  • Taijutsu Assistant Instructor
  • Archery Assistant Instructor
  • Cooking Novice
  • Blessing of the Soul
Adventure Rank B
  • Wind of Interference
  • Gale Shot
  • Ki Manipulation
  • Wide Arrow
  • Hawk Shot
Level 255
HP 4490
MP 5311
STR 468
VIT 243
DEX 501
AGI 434
INT 549
LUC 88
Other Information
  • Holly Kurosawa
  • Shadow Kurosawa
  • Hibineko
Residence Coffee Shop "B&W"
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 5

Kaede Kurosawa is the daughter of Shadow and Holly.

Appearence Edit

White hair, black pupils and pointed ears, and not one freckle on the fair skin; she had the features of a general elf.


She has a cheerful personality.


  • Head: Soul Tree's Headguard (Abnormal state resistance)
  • Torso: Dragon Hunter's Battle Dress (DEX bonus)
  • Arm: Soul Thread's Arm Guard (DEX bonus)
  • Feet: Dragon Skin's Boots (VIT bonus, Flame attribute resistance)
  • Accesories: Soul Tree's Protection Stone (Instant death resistance)
  • Weapon: Soul Tree's Longbow (Damage increase, Attack range increase, Weapon exclusive for Elf)


She is a critical so she inherited both of her parents' power. Her parents trained her since she was young so she could control her powers. Kaede currently lives in Balmel with her family.


  • A critical

Gallery Edit

TheNewGate Vol5

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