Holly Kurosawa
Personal Information
Age 172
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue Transparent Eyes
Race High Elf
Main Job Mage
Sub Job Alchemist
  • Magic Expert
  • Harvesting Expert
  • Cooking Expert
  • Blessing of the Soul
  • Engagement Linker
Adventure Rank A
  • Ray Stinger
  • Meteor Fall
  • Silent Whisper
  • Echo Bomb
  • Thunder Arrow
Level 255
HP 3490
MP 7311
STR 268
VIT 243
DEX 401
AGI 334
INT 749
LUC 66
Other Information
  • Shadow Kurosawa
  • Hibineko
Occupation Coffee Shop "B&W" vice-manager
Residence Coffee Shop "B&W"
Origin Japan
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 5

Holly Kurosawa is a former player and the wife of Shadow. She currently is the coffee shop "B&W" vice-manager and lives in Balmel.


Holly’s white hair waves loosely and her blue transparent eyes were impressive.


Holly has a very gentle nature and has the habit to put up "chan" to someone. She also quickly jumps to the wrong conclusions.


  • Head: None
  • Torso: Soul Cloth's Robe (INT bonus, Instant death resistance)
  • Arm: Soul Cloth's Arm Guard (INT bonus, Abnormal state resistance)
  • Accesories: Engagement Ring (Increase Luck)
  • Weapon: Short Stick of the Dawn (Magic damage increase, Decrease cool down in time, User restriction)


Holly was a player of THE NEW GATE and died in the Death Game. Then, she arrived 30 years ago with her original level, stats and items. She looked for Shadow for almost 10 years and because of a church request she found him fighting in a village. She got married with Shadow and they rebuilt their Coffee Shop "B&W". She has a daughter named Kaede Kurosawa.


  • Holly and Shadow are a married couple
  • They have a daughter called Kaede Kurosawa
  • Coffee Shop "B&W" vice-manager
  • Her cooking skills are lvl 7


TheNewGate Vol5