High Human is an advanced race in the New Gate, which can only be attained by Human players through unknown means. There are only 6 known High Humans during the Game Era and only one was present during the Death Game. The race is thought to be extinct by the current inhabitants, since Shin defeated Origin (final boss) 500 years ago.

Background Edit

During the Game Era, the High Humans ruled the continent of NEW GATE. They numbered only six individuals, but possessed such overbearing power they reigned as the dominant race. High Humans were so powerful that Rokuten, a 6 member group of High Humans, fought and defeated guilds numbering in the thousands.

During the Death Game Incident, Shin of Rokuten was the only High Human present along with thousands of other players.

Five hundred years later, the remaining inhabitants of NEW GATE revered high humans like gods that ruled the continent. A religious system was even dedicated to them due to their achievements.

According to the Character lore, High Human is the longest lifespan.

Known High HumansEdit

Rokuten Guild:

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