An adventurer and guild staff who is from the same village as Tiera

Els Balt
Els - TNG
Personal Information
Gender Female
Race Elf
Affiliation Bayreuth Adventurer's Guild
Adventure Rank Unknown
Skill Analyze VI
HP ???
MP ???
STR ???
VIT ???
DEX ???
AGI ???
INT ???
LUC ??
Other Information
Occupation Adventurer and Guild's receptionnist
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 2


Els possessed a classic example of elven beauty, and her appearance looked like she was around 24 years of age. Her vivid green hair reached her waist like the trees in the forest. Blue eyes as reminiscent of lakeside. Her height was about 170 cemels.


She cares about Tiera.


  • Head: Unknown
  • Torso: Unknown
  • Arm: Unknown
  • Feet: Unknown
  • Accessories: Unknown
  • Weapon: Unknown 


She is from the same village as Tiera and looked for ways to lift the curse for 50 years.


Volume 1 Edit

She is at the adventurers guild.


  • From the same village as Tiera Lucent
  • Skill holder [Analyze VI]



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