Japanese Skill Name: 秘伝書作成

Transliteration: Hidensho Sakusei

Translation: Book of Secrets Creation

Classification: Unspecified

Description: "Skills are developed separately from character level. When a skill has been leveled up to a certain point, the player gains special bonuses like increased damage or getting to learn another related skill. Some special skills also allow the player to make a『Book of Secrets』. 『Book of Secrets』is the physical manifestations of a skill and looks like a scroll. When someone else uses the scroll, they learn the skill written on it. Of course, the number of times that a player can make a『Book of Secrets』of a skill is limited, and the person who just learned the skill would have to fulfill the same requirements before being able to make a『Book of Secrets』by themselves. The stronger a skill is, the fewer『Book of Secrets』that can be made of it, and there are many skills for which a『Book of Secrets』cannot be made at all. Some skills also have level requirements, so it’s not possible to use skills beyond your level by learning them through a『Book of Secrets』."

First Appearance: Shin used it to give Tiera Analyze in their first meeting in Volume 1 Chapter 2.